Welcome to the Bräugasthof Hallstatt

In the Bräugasthof we pamper you in our cozy brewery vaults and parlors on the ground floor and in the most beautiful garden in Hallstatt under the 150-year-old chestnut tree directly on the shores of Lake Hallstatt.


As a traditional inn, we offer home-style Austrian cuisine with innovative ideas. Our chefs come from Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Bosnia – almost Old Austria.


Here in the Bräuhaus they combine their regional culinary skills with typical dishes from our area but are also open to innovative ideas.


We attach particular importance to fresh products, especially from the local area, such as  e.g. from the butcher Zauner, vegetables from Ernst Grabmayer, Höplinger fish from St. Wolfgang, beer from the Stiegl brewery Salzburg, Austrian wines directly from winemakers in the Wachau, Lower Austria, Styria, Burgenland, Goiserer ‘Schnapps’ …

All dishes are freshly prepared by us!!!


Restaurant +43 613420673

Unfortunately, we cannot make table reservations during the summer months!
Thank you for your understanding!